Tuesday, 8 December 2015

hearty pizza

Today room 15 made some hearty pizza. it tasted mean as g i wish we could rax other peoples pizzas but sir said we cant. we made the base first which we had to wait until after morning tea to put on our hundies for days toppings on after we put our toppings on we took it to the hearty cooking room so mrs can put our pizzas in the oven they tasted mean as, churrrr cuz. Room 15 had a mean as time making the pizzas but we all would like to thank sir for organising this hearty pizza making and thanks to misses Rafficci the beast cooking teacher
From Caleb T and Jacob B

Monday, 7 December 2015

Room 15's Big Day Out

On the 7th of December Room 15 had our Big Day Out. At 9am we met up at Room 15 and then walked to the Tahuna playing fields, when we got there we found Caleb T, Harry, Braydon, Ricky, Samantha and Bradley.
At 11am we walked over to the Hydroslide and had a great time until 12 o'clock. We were all enjoying it and Mr Hepburn even joined in.
After the Hydroslide we all headed back to the park and split up to get lunch from McDonalds, Subway, KFC, Yogis and Fish 'n' Chips.  We all came back to the Tahuna playing fields where it was very windy.
After we had all eaten, Finlay's Mum bought us all some lollies and we had a lolly scramble.
Unfortunately, it had to end, and at around 2:00 we started to head back to school. 

Thanks to the parents who made it a great day, Liam's Mum and Dad, Finlay's Mum and Mr Hepburn.

By Josh, Sam and Caleb A

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Homework: 30th November 2015

Hi Room 15,

Well done Isel House (and Room 15) for winning the House Trophy last week.  Let's hope we did well enough in the athletics to win it overall for the year!
Don't forget to return your Big Day Out permission slips by Wednesday this week so we can complete our bookings and organisation for the day.

1.  Worksheet completed and ready for marking on Friday.
2.  Spelling words reviewed each day as you will be tested on Friday.
3.  Leave a comment on our blog.
4.  Complete typing tutor lesson 7.

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Climbing Wall

On Friday the 20th of November Room 15 went climbing on the climbing wall.
A hard challenge for us was to climb the 'experts' climb, Josh, he made it to the top on both of the hard ones.
Most people had a go and it was a great experience, especially since we haven't done it this year!
We are hoping to have another turn next week.

By Harry

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


On Friday we had Athletics day.
We were put into groups and went around and did different rotations of throwing, jumping, and running. Two groups went around together as one group. We did Long jump, Sprints (60 and 100 metres), Shot put, Discus and High jump. For each event there were three standards and if you made it to the first one you got one point and two if you made it to two and if you got a three in Discus, Shot-put, Long jump you would get your throw or jump measured.

 For sprints the timer would start when the clapper claps and Mr Johnstone would yell out the numbers and if you got a three you would go back up to the top field after lunch to do a heat.  If you got in the top three you would get in to the final which would be watched by the whole school!  The winners of the 60 meters were Alara for YrG7, Hugh for YrB7, Lily or Hannah for YrG8 and the winner Jesse YrB8.  The 100 metre winners were was Alara for YrG7 , Hugh for YrB7, Hannah for the YrG8 and Jesse for the YrB8.

In the high jump rotation if you got a three then you would be in the final; if you choose to be.  The final was held on the top field at lunch time, the year 7 girls winner was Alara, the year 7 boys winner was Kaben, year 8 girls winner was Georgia and the year 8 winner was Caleb.  Both the Year 8 winners were from room 15!  

Overall everybody had a great day and really enjoyed it.

By Caitlin and Georgia

Monday, 19 October 2015

Ice Cream making

On Friday 16 October Room 15 had an afternoon of making ice cream.
First we copied out the ingredients and the instructions.  Then we got into groups of 2 or 3 and got large zip-lock bags and filled them with ice and 200 grams of salt. Then we filled the small zip-lock bags with milk, sugar, vanilla essence and lollies.
Next we put the small bag in the big bag and let the ice cream set for 5-10 minutes.
We ate it with popsicle sticks.
Josh and Sam both lost teeth from the frozen lollies!
Big thanks to Donna ( Braydon's Mum ) for supplying us with all the lollies.

By Harry and Liam

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Homework 19th October, 2015

Hi Room 15,

Good fun making ice-cream on Friday, well done Room 15.  A big thanks to Braydon for supplying all the yummy  chocolates and lollies (via his Mum-thank you).

1.  Worksheet completed and in for marking on Friday.
2.  Spelling words reviewed as you will be tested on Friday.
3.  Leave a comment on Room 11's Blog.

Enjoy your week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Sunday, 20 September 2015

Homework 21 September, 2015

Hi Room 15,

Good luck for the rest of your rippa rugby games this week, I hope we make the finals!
A busy week this week with our guests here for the week: Christchurch South.
1.  Worksheet completed and ready for marking on Friday.
2.  Spelling words reviewed each night as you will be tested on Friday.
3.  Complete typing tutor lesson 6.
4.  Leave a comment on our blog.

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Sunday, 13 September 2015

Homework 14th September, 2015

Hi Room 15,

I hope you all had a good week with Mr Fitzgerald last week whilst I was on camp with Room 7.

1.  Worksheet completed and ready for marking on Friday.
2.  Spelling words reviewed each night.
3.  Leave a comment on our blog.

Enjoy your week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Homework 7th September

Hi Room 15,

I hope you all have a good week with Mr Fitzgerald whilst I am on camp with Room 7.

1.  Worksheet to be completed and ready for marking on Friday (Octagons only have to complete questions 1-4).
2.  Spelling words reviewed as you will be tested on Friday.
3.  Leave a comment on one of our posts.

Enjoy your week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Tree Planting

Wednesday 2nd September 2015, Room 15 went tree planting out in Spooners (Coronation Forrest).

First when we got there we were split into group A, B or C.  Zoe and I were in group A.

Then after we got split into groups, group A and B went on the bus and group C stayed at the shelter and measured trees. Group A did tree planting, We used a hoe/grubber to dig with. We planted baby pinus radiata trees while Group C was doing a conservation trail walk.

After we all finished doing our activities we switched activities, Group A went on the conservation trail walk, Group B went and did tree measuring and group C did tree planting.

On the conservation trail walk we learned about a lot of native trees and ate some 'pepper leaf' it was really hot!  We also tried some honey drops off the beach trees, it was a really good walk and it was interesting and we learnt a lot about different types of trees.

After we finished that we had our lunch then we switched activities again and group A went tree measuring group B went on the conservation walk and group C went tree planting.

After all the activities we had a talk and said our farewells.  It was a really good, fun day and we can't wait to do it again!

By Zoe & Sharli

Broadgreen comes out on top

24 Netball teams hit to the courts wanting to get one of the three trophies on offer.

This was one of the many sports being played for Winter Tournament over the days of Thursday and Friday. 

Netball was held at Saxton Netball Courts and many schools like Golden Bay, Buller, Bohally, Renwick, Waimea, Nelson Int, Broadgreen Int, Prep, Nelson Christian Academy, St Pauls and St Josephs take part. 

On Thursday everyone played 5 games of 12 min halves. After all the games had finished they were split into grades to play on Friday. 

On Friday it was drizzling but still okay to play. Everyone kept their gear upstairs so that it remained dry. They played 3 games and when finished everyone went upstairs for prize-giving.

Broadgreen took out the tournament by winning A grade.

Everyone had heaps of fun even through it was raining. It was a great day and it ran very smoothly!!!

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Homework 31st August

Hi Room 15,

Don't forget we are going on our Tree Planting Trip this Wednesday, should be fun and informative.


1.  Complete your homework sheet.
2.  Review your spelling words as you will be tested on Friday
3.  Leave a comment on our blog.

Enjoy your week Room 15.

Malcolm Hepburn

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Room 15's Dance

On Thursday the 20th of August, Room 15 performed a class dance for the Inter-House Arts Competition.

The Inter-House Arts Competition was held in the hall. Rooms 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 12, 13, 15 all performed a class dance.

Winiata, Jesse, Mrs Gully, Mrs Riccardi and Mr Woods were the judges for the Arts Competition.

The audience really enjoyed the dance especially when the boys jumped off the stage and high-fived everyone!  The other dances were great.

We started at the back of the hall and danced onto the stage and danced to Watch Me Nae Nae, YMCA and  Forever.

In the end Room 13 won the Inter-House Arts Competition.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Primary math competition.

On Wednesday 19th of August the primary schools in Stoke had a math competition at BIS. They brought a year 3/4 team and a 5/6 team.                                                                                                      
They had 6 questions to workout and at each one they had 10 minutes to complete it. There were 2 helpers per table to encourage them and mark them on how well they worked as a team, the amount of answers they got correct, and the strategies they used.

Harry and Liam

Math cometition on PhotoPeach

Math cometition on PhotoPeach

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Homework 10th August

Hi Room 15,

A short week in the class as we have Winter Tournament on Thursday and Friday.  Good luck to you who are involved!

1.  Leave a comment on our blog.
2.  Make a list of x10 careers you might be interested in by Wednesday in your homework book.  As we will be needing these on Wednesday when we work with Mrs Oldfield.

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Monday, 3 August 2015

Interclass Hockey

On Tuesday 4th August the room 15 indoor hockey team played against room 13. 

Room 15 scored a goal in the first 10 seconds! They scored again about 30 seconds later! 

At the end of the first half room 15 were up 4-0 and scored another two goals by the end of the second half. Room 13 scored one goal just before the full time whistle blew. The final score was 6-1 to Room 15. 

The team was: Sam, Liam, Finlay, Ricky, Kane, Caitlin, Sharli, Levi, Anika.

By Harry and Sam

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Homework 3rd August, 2015

Hi Room 15,

August already! Where are all the days going?

1.  Complete your homework sheet ready for marking on Friday.
2.  Spelling words reviewed each night.  You will be tested Friday.
3.  Typing Tutor, Lesson 6.

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Homework: 20th July

Hi Room 15,

I hope you all had a relaxing and fun filled break with your families.

Make sure you share/read your class and team newsletters with your families Monday night, so you are all up to date with what is planned for Term 3.


1.  Worksheet completed and ready for marking on Friday.  Note:Octagons only have to do 1 to 3 this week.
2.  Spelling words reviewed as you will be tested on Friday.
3.  Make sure your diary is up to date and dated correctly.

Enjoy your week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Football Semi-Final

On Thursday the 25th of June Room 15 had our semi final of football against Room 8.

 Max from Room 8 scored a cheap goal early in the first half. Room 15 trailed 1 - 0 for the rest of the game.

There was 1 minute left when Caleb Troy scored a great goal, just under the keepers' legs. Then, the game ended and went to a penalty shoot-out.

Harry slotted the first penalty away into the bottom left-hand corner. Then, it was Oliver's turn in goal.
Aled took the shot and Oliver saved it to win the game for Room 15.

We all shook hands and then Room 15 walked off with big smiles.

The team was: Harry, Caleb T, Caleb A, Liam, Oliver, Sharli, Georgia, Caitlin, Jacob, Jake, Daniel, Ivy and Josh.

Caleb A was awarded Player Of The Day.

By Harry

Sunday, 14 June 2015

School Mathix

On Friday the 12th of June Broadgreen School gathered in the hall to spectate the whole school mathix. There were 12 teams in total, six year 7 teams and six year 8 teams.

The year 8 Isel team got a good start and took the lead, as did the year 7 team. With 1 minute to go the year 8 Isel team finished and got first place! The year 7 team tied with Whakatu. They went in to sudden death which went on for another 5 minutes!

In the end the year 7 team won. It was a good day for Isel with both mathix teams coming first. Everyone had a good time and walked away with a smile.

By Harry

Homework, 15th June 2015

Hi Room 15,

Congratulations to you all for running so well in our School Cross-country on Friday.

Also well done to the Isel Mathix Team for winning both the Year 7 & 8 Mathix Competitions on Friday it was very exciting and loud!

We will possibly be playing footy on Thursday so best our team get out and practice!  Harry with the broken collar bone will be our coach.

To complete your speeches (presented in class on Tuesday) and Science Fair Investigations (due last week of term).

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Thursday, 11 June 2015


On Tuesday the 6th of June Room 15 had our quarter final against Room 3.

Caleb scored our goal in the first half of the game. Room 3 scored late in the second half to make the score 1-1. There were a lot of chances for both teams to take the lead. In the end it came down to penalties. Harry took the first penalty and got it in. Room 3 got theirs in as well. Caitlin got her penalty in to make it 2-1. Room 3 took theirs and Ivy saved it!

Room 15 won 2-1 in the end.

The team was:Harry, Liam, Caleb T, Finlay, Caitlin, Ivy, Sharli, Jake, Oliver, Josh, Braydon and Caleb A.

By Harry

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Homework 8th June

Hi Room 15,

We are busy working on our speeches and Science Fair Boards in class, so no extra homework this week.  You might be busy rehearsing your speech at home and asking for feedback from your family. Also you will probably be busy preparing resources for your Science Fair and working on your google docs from home.

Good luck for the cross-country on Friday-Go Isel House!

Enjoy the week.


Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Homework 3rd June, 2015

Hi Room 15,

A short, wet week this week.

We have started working on our speeches and Science Fair Projects in class, so all you have to do this week for homework is to carry on with these at home.  However I hope we can complete all this work in class.

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Thursday, 28 May 2015

Vortex Cannons

On Friday The 29th Of May, Room 15's homework was to make vortex cannons.

Half of the class made one of these and so we used them on Friday.   

Broadgreen had a smoke machine which we were able to use.

We also got some photos and videos witch will be down below.

The equipment and materials we used were buckets, plastic bags, rubber bands, cardboard and lots of other things.

It was a lot of fun I think everyone one enjoyed  it and I think Room 2 did to!

By Jake and Braydon

Monday, 25 May 2015

Nappy Science

Today we had an experiment with Mrs M we needed nappys (different kinds) cups and bags. We ripped the nappy open and took all the cotton out and there were little tiny specs of polymer. We tipped the polymer into a cup and added water. Then we waited for about 10 seconds and it turned into this jelly stuff.
After that we poured some salt into the polymer and stirred it until it turned back to liquid.

By Madison and Braydon :)

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Homework 25th May

Hi Room 15,

Some great work going on in class; keep it up!
Well done to our class footy team, you won your first game last week well.  Good luck for your next game.

1.  Design and make a vortex canon.   A good site to look at one is:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VL0M0jmu7k
Don't worry if you don't have any equipment or materials at home to make one from, as we have lots of boxes at school we can use.  Remember what Mr Maybe's class made theirs out of.
2.  Think about what you might like to do for your Science Fair Investigation?  A good site to start is;   http://school.discoveryeducation.com/sciencefaircentral/Science-Fair-Projects/Steps-Investigation.html     You can look at other sites also.
3.  Spelling words as you will be tested on Friday.

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Thursday, 21 May 2015



On Tuesday the swimming sports took place at the Nayland pool there were colours everywhere!  Purple was the best of course!

When the races were on Isel was so far ahead that it was impossible for the other houses to beat us.

When it was time for the relays we all had butterflies in our stomachs but Isel took a huge lead and of course we came first like we always do!

By Josh and Georgia

Potatoes for lunch

On Thursday 2 April room 15 used  the spare potatoes that were left over from camp as lunch.

While we were making them inside the smoke alarm went off and fire truck (aka Finlay) came to the rescue and saved us.

After that they moved outside to cook them. 
On the 17th March Room 15 played their semi final for the interclass cricket, it was an enjoyable game and also very exciting.

We were against Room 11 and we got the win 175-89 !!!

All of the players got into it and everyone of them had a lot of fun. The team players were Harry, Caleb, Finlay, Josh, Anika, Liam, Georgia, Ebony, Skye, Caleb A and Braydon.


On Wednesday, 20th May, Room 15 went up to the top field to learn some rugby skills with Shaun.

Room 15 does rugby skills every Wednesday.

Last week we focussed on catching and passing, but this week we focussed on evasion. We played bananas, escape and evasion, and then we played rippa ball rush which was a lot of fun.

Overall, we all had great session with Shaun and learnt a lot of different rugby skills.

Next week on Wednesday we will be learning about wrestling the ball off each other!

By Sam and SkyeRUGBY SKILLS on PhotoPeach

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Green Stars

This year Room 15 was the first classroom to get their green stars.

To get a green star is a big achievement because it shows that you have initiative to go and get stuff done.

Nearly our whole class has green star.

Harry, Caleb and Georgia were the first people in the school to get their green stars in assembly.

By Kane and Oliver room 15.

Sunday, 17 May 2015







Homework 18th May, 2015

Hi Room 15,

You are all working well running our canteen each week.  With everyone doing there 'bit' we are able to get our orders in and out on time.  A lot of real life learning running the canteen - pressure at times!

1.  Prepare to present your Mihi to the class on Friday.
2.  Revise and study your basic facts (which you have been given) as we will have a basic facts test on Friday.
3.  Complete lesson 6 on the typing tutor programme.
4.  Review your spelling words each night as you will be tested on Friday.
5.  Test your typing skills on the race track!

Enjoy your week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Monday, 11 May 2015

Room 15 plays Hockey

Last Thursday we did grass Hockey with Emma. She showed us how to dribble the ball and how to pass it.  We got split into groups we were either in Bib's Or No Bibs. The games were around 5-10 minutes and then we got swapped around. It was a lot of fun and we hope we can do it again :)

By Kane & Zoe

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Homework 11th May

Hi Room 15,

Well done Room 15 and the Isel Team for organising and running a successful assembly on Friday.
Don't forget we have rugby skills on Wednesday so bring a change of clothes as it may be wet!


1.  Worksheet completed and handed in.
2.  Spelling words reviewed.
3.  Typing lesson 6.
4.  Leave a comment on Room 20's blog.

Enjoy the week.

Malcolm Hepburn

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Room 15's Movie Night.

On the 6th of May Room 15 had an awesome Movie Night.
We watched the movie Eragon, and had yummy Fish and Chips from Two little fish.
We earned the Movie Night with our points system. We had to earn 500 points with our good behavior (It was hard). 
Last night we stayed after school and played on our Ipads and Phones, then at 3.30 the movie started.
Sadly most of us ate our popcorn before the movie started.
We watched the movie and ate lots of candy, then at 5.00 our dinner arrived.
The burgers were big and the meals were filling but most of us managed to get through it all.
At 6.00 most of the parents arrived and we had to stop our food wars.

At 6.15 the movie ended and we all had to clean up our VERY BIG mess!!!
Then we all went home :)

By Ebony and Samantha.