Sunday, 14 June 2015

School Mathix

On Friday the 12th of June Broadgreen School gathered in the hall to spectate the whole school mathix. There were 12 teams in total, six year 7 teams and six year 8 teams.

The year 8 Isel team got a good start and took the lead, as did the year 7 team. With 1 minute to go the year 8 Isel team finished and got first place! The year 7 team tied with Whakatu. They went in to sudden death which went on for another 5 minutes!

In the end the year 7 team won. It was a good day for Isel with both mathix teams coming first. Everyone had a good time and walked away with a smile.

By Harry

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  1. Mathixs was Awesome expet being next to Ivy because she was screaming so much going GOO ISEL! *Drives me insain* Haha but Isel one :D so that was awesome =)