Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Room 15 Movie Night

Last night in Room 15 we had a movie night.

Some people got couches and, pillows and bean bags from other rooms to sit on. We watched Jumanji which is a magical board that comes to life. At 5 o'clock we stopped to eat our fish'n'chips from Two Little Fish Takaways, they very kindly delivered them!  We then watched the rest of the movie and cleaned up afterwards and went home.
It was a lot of fun and we hope to have another one!

By Eva , PJ 
Some boys moving a couch from Room 17

Everyone watching the movie
Those fish'n' chips look good!

Pingo, Katey and Livz being 'weirdos'!


  1. awesome it looks like your having lots of fun
    from muzac

  2. attcherly it was on 15 of the 5 of the 13

  3. i wish i was in room 15 looks like fun we hope u had a fun time

    from portia brylee and tehya

    room 5

  4. hey Pingo,Katey and i were NOT BEING "WEIRDOS"!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Don't drink too much Coke Libby, love from Uncle Will. And no I am not a bot.

  6. Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!