Sunday, 7 July 2013

Science with Craig

The Isel team went to the top basketball court to see Mr. Maybe's science experiment. All we could see were washing liquids and an ice box full of dry ice. He put four bits of dry ice into two cups and poured cold water into one cup and hot water into the other. A reaction started to happen and the cup with cold water had steam coming out of it. The same thing happened to the cup with hot water and then he put washing liquid into both cups and then it started to blow up all these bubbles and whenever someone touched them they evaporated into smoke. It all looked really cool.

By Grant, Kameran and Will


  1. wow
    thats awesome i want to see that!!!
    From Jess and Ashleigh

  2. that looks fun and i want to see that.
    Nikita rm 5