Sunday, 15 February 2015

Homework 16th February, 2015

Hi Room 15,

We have our Meet the Teacher evening on Tuesday at 7pm so don't forget to come along with your parents/caregivers, as we will talk about our expectations, learning and plans for the year.  Your parents/caregivers can also have a look around the class and see where you spend a lot of your day working away.

1.  Complete the work set for you in your homework book and have it ready for marking on Friday.

2.  Spelling words to be reviewed each night as you will be tested on Friday.

3.  'Have a go' at Typing for Gold.  See if you can make it to the finals.  Can you type over 1500 metres?

4.  Leave a comment on our blog after I have shown you how to in class (we ran out of time last week to complete this in class).

Enjoy your week.

Malcolm Hepburn