Sunday, 15 March 2015

Isel House Free Swim.

Isel had a great time at the swimming sports so the teachers decided that we could have a free swim on account of;
1. Winning the swimming sports.(We were always going to win but...)                              
2. Coming first in the relay. ( Amazing job done by Mr Hepburn...)
3. The participation from everyone. (Need I say more?)
4. The enthusiasm that was shown by while doing swimming lessons. (From all three classes...)
5. And overall the behavior from all of the students. (Very loud. In a good way.)

We brought some tennis balls and a couple dodge balls and had a bombing contest which was easily won by Jet-Li. We even brought a kayak to have rides in!

It was lots of fun and we all enjoyed it.

By Josh

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  1. That was awesome, good job Isel for winning!

    From Tylar